We are a virtual support group for Muslim families that are educating their children at home. This project grew out of a local homeschool co-op in Maryland. But due to the pandemic, it became difficult for us to continue meeting on a consistent basis. So we decided to move online.

The beauty of this website is that we can connect with other families from across the country. InshAllah, this will allow us and our children to interact with a broader, more diverse range of people.

We plan to maintain a blog where anyone can view lesson ideas and resources. To view and participate in the forums, please become a member. InshAllah, we will develop plans to have Zoom classes and other virtual activities for our members.

This site is a space for Muslim families who are committed to raising children in Quran and Sunnah. We know that families choose homeschooling for many reasons and are dedicated to supporting your needs. We are excited to see how Homeschool Mosaic can grow!